LJ Controller : Max/Msp object for controlling LabJack U12 hardware
LJ Controller - - BZH Tec © 2005
LJU12: Easy to use USB hardware IO to easilly build footboard, on stage commands, automats, ...
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LJ Controller is a manager for the USB measurement and automation peripheral LabJack U12.

You can integrate it into any of your Max/Msp patches (Mac OS X 10.3 and Mac OS X 10.4 only) without any restrictions. See license terms.

lab jack U12

LJController external is based on the Labjack U12 driver (which can be downloaded on labjack.com). This Max/Msp external encapsulate the driver, in order to provide integration in Max/Msp applications, ease of use and advanced functionnalities.

The LabJack U12 is a measurement and automation peripheral that enables the connection of a PC/Mac to the real-world.

Labjack U12 is very convenient to build custom controllers for software, without any soldering (full box version, as in the picture), or to integrate into a hardware equipment (electronic circuit only without box, plugs, ...). It's small size (around 8x12 cm for version without the red cover) allows it to be embeded in small devices.

Important: the Labjack hardware doesn't require separate power supply, it is USB powered.